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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Daily Plan - 9/01/2014

8 Jan 2014
While most of the people write down what happened today in a diary form (may be no more now), I wish to write down what am I going to do tomorrow, and reflect on what I have really done on the actual day. I believe everyone of us can predict our future.

9 Jan 2014
7.45am Wake up and wash up
8.30am Left home to office
9.30am Reached office, print out email on CCA, Get ready thesis, planner and CNY Ang Pow
9.45am Send Salim's email on ESC, F3, CCA
10.00am Double check Amy's proposal
10.15am Prepare Dorothea's proposal
10.45am Submit HY's withdrawal form
11.00am Leave to MBFC, appointment
1.30pm Leave for SMI
2.00pm SMI
5.30pm End of SMI, leave home
7.00pm Reach home, dinner
8.30pm Study M8
9.30pm Read "How to Sell Anything at Anytime"
10.30pm Watch show with bf
11.45pm Sit-up
12.00am Good night

We can predict our future up 90% accurate, believe it or not?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Birthday Getaway 2013!

Just came back from Krabi for my birthday getaway! A long waited holiday after the previous trip which was in Feb. This is my 2nd time to krabi and I still love the place! If you just wanna find a place that is relaxing with cheap and nice food, nice people I think this can be one of your choices.

This time round is with boyfriend instead of a bit different in terms of the chit-chatting part..well you know..Girls being together tend to talk a lot more and camwhore a lot more..We stayed at the same hotel as before because it's cheap but with at least 4 stars standard? My flight + accommodation for 3 nights was only $ 300+. The name of the hotel is Krabi La Playa Resort. This trip also let us found out that the owner is a Singaporean..haha..You can arrange for transport to and fro airport and they charge 1000 bht for two way.

The lobby


|Welcomed with cute little elephants

The entrance
Day 1
Reached hotel at around 12 plus..packed and ready to go out for lunch. Just like before, had our lunch at the roadside just outside hotel. Really cheap and good.

Basil prawn rice - 40 bht only

This fried rice is nice!

This is something I've never tried before but nice! Coconut 'macaroon''haha

Banana Pancake is everywhere..go get one!
After lunch, we went to book our trip to Krabi Town in the evening. You can just walk along the main street and search for any tour agency that offers transport to and fro Krabi Town. Each person will be 300 bht. The trip is mainly to visit their night market. A lot of people, food and you can do some shopping there. Bought a top and skorts there :)

Chillaxing in a bar

In Agneselle Eleanor Crop Top - Love the quality and cut!

Day 2
We decided to go to Phi Phi Island on the 2nd day but not for snorkeling or anything la..just to walk walk see see..Same thing, you can book the ferry through the travel agency too. One way for each person will be 900 bht. We went to the main island but it's in fact nothing much to see's still better if you go there for some sea activities. Walked up to the view point to take pictures then relax at the beach before going back to Aonang. It took us to and fro around 4 hours for travelling but least I have finally been to Phi Phi haha...

View point

Night was the highlight of Day 2. Our dinner at The Hilltop! Found good review online and decided to give it a try. They even arranged transport to pick you up from hotel and send you back. The restaurant is really at the hilltop. You can reach there latest around 6.30pm to catch the sunset. Windy, nice ambience and there is singing performance too! The food was nice but of course slightly more costly than those roadside ones la..We ordered a damn huge lobster, a seabass, vegetables and prawn rolls, dessert and two drinks. Total costs 2800 bht.

Day 3
Day 3 was the most relaxing day! haha..Didn't plan anything to do. Dabao-ed our lunch back and ate at the balcony of hotel room. After that took a nap till 4 plus and changed into swimsuits to swim! haha..time to show off my new love - Love Bonito's bikini! 

Dinner was at a seafood restaurant near our hotel called Wangsai Seafood but don't find it very fantastic. Service not very good also perhaps only that girl..haha!

This is nice though

It's crab! but can't even see the crab cause it is too small -.-
Last but not least, you have to try the massage when you are there! If you want to have a more atas feel then do it in the hotel, else it's cheaper having it outside. :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Long Time No Blog!

hahaha..sorry for the super lack of update! Bf and Bff have been complaining about it! well..I have been really really busy that I don't even have time to have casual outing with pretty outfits till the last Saturday! So I figured out that may be it's time to do a little bit of update.
Finally I had a day without having to work. Went for Dim Sum with Malacca friends at Taste Paradise, ION. I think the Dim Sum were not bad and I like their XO Sauce Carrot Cake. Liu Sha Bun was not too bad too! The speed that they served food was incredibly fast. There were 8 of us on that day and each of us paid around $25 so I think the price is considered resonable. Can have a try if you like Dim Sum. The next one that I want to try is Tim Ho Wan! Just that don't know when will the queue be slightly shorter :p.

Taste Paradise and Hokkaido Ramen

After Dim Sum, Baby and I went for shopping. I was eyeing on a pair of heels from Aldo so finally owned it! wahahaha...The other day Teng Seng bought me my birthday present! The first this year! haha..with me around to choose of course! Another pair of shoes..hahaha..Baby always say, women are centipedes. Oh well....

It's summer, a lot of blogshops are selling crop tops now. So I bought one from my favourite Agneselle. I think their clothes are getting nicer and nicer. So here's my outfit of the day. =)

I'm going to Krabi soon for my birthday! This will be my second time there..After all the hard work, it's time to have a short break! =)) Will be back soon!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Busy but fulfilling start!

It's Tuesday but I feel like I have done a lot of things hence it seems to be Thursday for me! So scared that I don't have enough time to finish all the things I need to! Technically my past 2 weeks were spent with working plus a bit of personal time. I have nothing much to write about...Luckily I finally received my Taia Kate dress from LoveBonito! So wore it to work and did a bit of camwhoring. Anyway, my work so far so good besides of that one thing! grrrr...better come faster!!

During dinner

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The End...

Today marks an end of my first career..yup! My last day with HMI today. I have been with them for 1 year and 9 months, not too long not too short. It might not be the best company but I definitely gained a lot started off as a Management Associate then Marketing Executive. Had lots of exposure meeting with different people and working with a lot of experienced people. Had my farewell lunch at a Korean Restaurant - Big Mama recommended by Avril. Their seafood pancake is a must try! Do give a try if you are nearby. Went to Google office after saying goodbye and camwhoring with most of the colleagues. The feeling was kinda complicated la..feel happy but a bit 舍不得 at the same time. Mostly because of the people's time to move on to achieve my goal yup! Everyone please take good care and I wish you all the best!! Kimberly, please don't cry alone in the room. hahaha! Avril, don't feel lonely without me around >.<. Jesse, stop working OT after Edwin is in! Jennifer, all the best dealing with! Shirley (not sure if you are reading -.-), don't miss me too much, we will meet at least once a month! Chai Sean, sorry for throwing all the stuff to you but well truly wish you luck and all the best! You can do it!

Last but not least, for those who missed my previous post, I will officially be a financial planner with Great Eastern in perhaps a week time (still waiting for license -.-). However, I'll need a bit of your help. I'm looking for a few friends who are interested to know more about insurance products (savings, medical, investment) to be my training partner. You can take this opportunity to understand more before you commit to anything. You don't necessary need to buy anything from me la but I need you to be my practise partner since I'm still new to this industry. Even if at last you wanna buy, don't worry that there will be really experienced senior to guide me through. I can be contacted through FB or my contact 90126771 in case you don't have my number. Let me know if you are interested k! =) Special note for those Malaysian friends with PR status, do you know that you can enhance your basic medishield without cash payment? Yup, it can be done using medisave and I strongly encourage you to do it asap to cover higher percentage of hospitalisation bill in case.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

16th March - Special Day for Mr Kuah

hahaha..16 March is baby's birthday..Actually we didn't really celebrate it in a very special way la. Bought a set of perfume for him as bday present and technically it can also be couple's perfume. The highlight of the day is actually the long waited performance - Disney On Ice! Bought tickets online like one month ago and decided to watch it on this special day. However it's more like what I want that he wants..haha! Went to Singapore Indoor Stadium and saw that kids were everywhere! hahahah! We were the rare few adults without children. Baby's colleague also teased him for! In any case, we enjoyed the show ok! Our seats were damn near the stage. Pictures should tell you more about it.

His - number 3; Mine - number 1

The day was a special day for him but also the most tiring day for him, he claimed. We went out the whole day and he complained that he felt very tired already at like around 5pm. After the show, we went to Marina Square wanted to have Putien for dinner but their dinner time only starts at 5.30pm. Hence, went to Millenia Walk to have a walk and ended up grabbed a bite at the famous Tonkotsu King Ramen's sister shop in Parco Marina. Their minced meat rice is still the best I had ever tasted.

Love this dress from LoveBonito again! Bought it from a re-seller in brand new condition. Love the back as well as the flowy design! Something that I must mention is the stick on bra that I bought from LoveBonito as well. I didn't really like using stick on bra as I feel that it makes me feel unsecured. However, in order for me to wear the dress I had to no matter what so bought one from LoveBonito. Surprisingly, it was so sticky and comfortable throughout the day!! This is the 1st time I wear it and hopefully the stickiness will stay for at least a few times!

No idea why is it in this direction -.-