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For you, my friend (Tips towards happy and positive life - Part 1)

So, I have just ended a 3d2n learning conference (MDRT Experience) in Bangkok. Just like any other conference, there will be something that gave me a paradigm shift and gave me the courage to start something new. There was this speaker who said this: "Share your wisdom. Do not be too humble to share with others what you are good at. You will never know how someone's life can be impacted by the words you share." This gave me some enlightenment to share my thinking process of being someone positive and happy always. To start of with, here's the first tip I want to share. Do things that will give you a good start of the day. Do things that will make you start your day happy. It sounds simple isn't it? I think the main point is do you even have the clarity on what makes you happy? It can be really simple things. For me personally, I like to dress nicely to make myself feel good. Ironing is troublesome, however one fun thing that I find through ironing is to plan

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